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How to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn in 5 Easy Steps

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Let me see your business rock. 🎶

Olivia Newton John captured the attention of millions of people with her 80's hit song, Physical.  And while I’m no Olivia N.J. in the gym or on the karaoke microphone, I can’t help but think about how this song, or at least my version of it, can relate to so many business owners.

Digital marketing experts estimate that we see 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages per day. We see them all over our home, on our phones/computers, on the TV (or streaming service), on the road. Everywhere. They’re coming to us from everywhere…from the large international corporations right down to our neighborhood local stores.

With all of these marketing messages constantly vying for our attention, we try to tune them out and not entertain any of their call to actions, no matter how compelling they might be.

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That being said, how can you as a small business owner stand out above all of your competitors' messaging and capture your client’s attention?

I believe that it’s all about relationship. If you can build a relationship with your potential clients so that they start to know, like and trust you BEFORE they even speak to you, the you can cut through all of the noisy marketing chatter and grow your business with loyal, dedicated clients. 

It's all about getting seen and heard so that you can get clients.

One of the best ways you can do this is by leveraging the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a 24/7 networking party where you don’t even have to pay a cover charge. Where else can you get past the gate-keeping bouncers and speak directly to the decision makers you want to do business with? 

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to showcase your expertise, promote your company’s services and find a ton of ideal clients who are ready to explore working with you. The organic reach that your posts can get on the platform is unreal. More times than not, you’ll have an easier time in moving the lead offline (or virtual) than with other platforms, where you can engage in real opportunity finding conversations.  

There are 5 steps to leveraging LinkedIn.  

Each step is vitally important for your success and builds on each other. Just as you wouldn't start building a house before you've built a solid foundation, with LinkedIn, you need to have certain things in place before you start reaching out to potential clients.

 Step 1 is to Show Up. Create a scroll stopping profile that includes a captivating head-shot, intriguing summary, creative About bio section, proof of expertise, recommendations among other things. You only have a few seconds to catch peoples' eyes in the suggested profiles section, so you want to make sure you capture their attention quickly.

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 Step 2 is to Create Content. This is where you can show up on a consistent basis right in front of your target audience AND also their network, who just might be potential leads for you as well. When you post content that is interesting and valuable on LinkedIn, it can get seen by a lot of your network. And if your connections like, comment or share your post, it will be seen by their network and your second-degree connections as well.  The organic reach is phenomenal, but like hot trends, it won’t last forever.

Step 3 is to Grow Your Network. Once you have created an attractive profile and have shared a library of value based content, it’s time to start building your network. Send personalized connection requests to people who match your ideal customer profile. Engage in conversation in your messaging inbox and also on your network’s posts in the news feed. That’s how you build a strong network that is more than just names in a CRM system.

Step 4 is to Build Relationships. After you have engaged with your connections in the messaging inbox and the news feed, you should move the conversation offline. Phone calls, Zoom sessions or in person meetups are great opportunities to develop relationships and explore if there are any current or future business opportunities. The good thing is that compared to other social media platforms, you’ll find that people are more open to meeting with you to see what networking, partnership or business possibilities exist.

And Step 5 is to Maximize your Exposure.  After you have shown up in a powerful way on the LinkedIn and are engaging with your network on a regular basis, it’s time to multiply your reach and exposure, so that even more people see you. Are there opportunities to collaborate on a project with someone in your network?  What about public speaking opportunities, podcast shows or television interviews?  

By showing up consistently, you will start to receive invitations from your network for some of these opportunities and more. You can also include event hosts, news organizations and editors in your network building strategy (step 3), and use the relationship building strategies (step 4) to open up these opportunities.

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So, there you have it. It’s not hard to use LinkedIn to get seen and heard so you can grow your business. It does, however, require a strategy and a commitment to implement on your part. Investing just 30 minutes a day to do the five steps listed above can reap huge benefits in your business. If you’re willing to devote some time for training/coaching and then put what you've learned into action, you will see results.

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I'm curious…what other tips can you add to my list for growing your business on LinkedIn?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.