Looks can be deceiving...

Before there was Connor Speaks & Mingles Networking Events,

Before there was weekly Feel Good Friday videos,

Before there were ReThink LinkedIn Academy and  Jr. Public Speakers communities....

There was Laura. Six-foot-tall Laura with the deep voice and commanding presence.

“Outgoing” Laura, who put on a good show of being confident in public, but inwardly was terrified of having the spotlight put on her in front of strangers.

I know that to most people, speaking, teaching and commanding the stage seems to come naturally to me. And right now, it does. But my path to commanding center stage and helping others to do the same was almost permanently derailed as a result of my experiences in junior high school.

During that time, I was taller than all the girls (and most of the boys) in my school, I had an offbeat/quirky personality and a serious case of eczema all over my face and upper body, to boot.

I’m not sure if it was one of those things or something else that made me an easy target for bullies, but I was. The constant barrage of everyday taunting and ridicule from a few young boys in my class silenced my voice throughout my senior high school, college and early adulthood years, robbed me of my self-confidence and almost derailed my future destiny to help others.

Laura Connor
Visibility Marketing Specialist

What happens in Vegas...

The positive turning point in my life happened many years later in the most unlikely of places – a 2x3 foot karaoke booth in Las Vegas. It was there that I was first deemed to be a “singing” sensation! The positive responses, reactions and encouragement from my karaoke “fans” helped me regain my voice, self-confidence and self-acceptance.

I started to feel comfortable in my own skin. Boldness in sharing my thoughts and ideas in my own unique and expressive way became a way of life for me. Some people thought I was too much to handle. Others didn’t like what I said or how I said it. But I knew that it wasn’t my mission to make everyone love me. It was my mission to help others overcome their self doubt and low confidence in order to speak up and become the leader in their family, business or community. That was my mission.

Over the years, I continued to improve my communication style during my varied professional journey as a blackjack dealer, real estate professional, promotional products store owner and IT technician (yes, I’ve had an interesting career path!)

Ultimately, I launched Connor Speaks so that I could serve people on a larger scale and focus on what I knew I was called to do. I first  started with public speaking & presentation skills training, but have since expanded my offerings to include helping entrepreneurs, business owners and their teams increase their exposure in their marketplace using online and offline marketing methods.

I help my clients leverage visibility marketing. I help them get seen and get heard, so they can get clients.

That’s my mission in life now…and I’m loving every minute of it!

Bet you didn’t know that…

  • I was a contestant on The Price is Right television game show. I could have won $10,000, but instead I left with a BBQ and 100 bucks. The reason for this $9,900 loss is a story for another day…
  • My karaoke stage name is Queen Laura.  I’ve been reigning on stages all over North America, both on land and on sea. Carnival Cruises, anyone…
  • I’m an island girl at heart. I love the sun, beach and sea…but you won’t catch me going in the water.
  • I can binge watch Columbo, Matlock and Sanford & Son all day, every day.  “Just one more thing…”
  • Give me a thin crust pepperoni pizza, a glass of J. Lohr Merlot wine and a slice of La Rocca Chocolate cake I’m a happy camper!

Are You Ready to Master the Trifecta of Visibility Marketing in Your Business?

If you find yourself…

Engaging in the same, traditional marketing activities that your competition is doing.
Spending money on the latest marketing craze.
Paying, spraying and praying your marketing budget down the drain. (That is spending your money on a scattered bunch of marketing activities, pitching  them to anyone that has a pulse and then praying that someone responds…)  

You don’t have to do this any longer…there is another way!  

There are 3 things you need to do to achieve maximum exposure in your marketplace.
 1. You need to Show UP. First impressions. Branding. Confidence. It matters.

2. You need to Speak UP. 99% of people (including your competitors) would rather hide behind emails and printed materials. Be different. Take center stage and share your expertise.

3. You need to Grow Up. Your network is your net-worth.  How valuable is your network?   .

Are you ready to take a bold step in becoming visible everywhere?

 Start by diving into one of our free custom resources. And know that the effort that you invest now will return back 10 times over in exposure for you and your business.